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Rucksack Radio Tool

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The Rucksack Radio Tool is an Android smartphone app for licensed radio amateurs who participate in the mountain radio programs SOTA (Summits on the Air) or GMA (German Mountain Award). If you are familiar with SOTA or GMA, you will be able to use the app without a manual. This brief description is limited to the peculiarities of the app.

(A note for German non radio amateurs who visit this page. In German the word radio has the same spelling but a different meaning. Radio does not mean broadcasting here. With this app you can not hear music.)

Rucksack Radio Tool - Summits

The first section "Summits" shows the nearest SOTA and / or GMA mountains.

The orange arrow points in the direction of the nearest reference. The white number of degrees is the direction the top of the smartphone is showing.

The compass uses the sensors of the smartphone. The own position is based on GPS or cellular network. The first line in front of the locator accordingly shows "GPS" or "Network".

The position determination via GPS can take a relatively long time when you start it. For a quick start, therefore is only a short wait for a position indication from the mobile network before loading the mountain list, which takes a few seconds. If GPS is enabled, the app then switches to GPS, which allows a much more accurate position determination. In Android menu the GPS may also be later on or off. The app turns any time to access the best available location.

The mountain list will be updated when the own position changes by more than about 100 m, but at the earliest after one minute. Who uses only the mobile network instead of GPS for determining the position, will see that it is possible to move a few kilometers without a new position is detected.

Rucksack Radio Tool - Spots

As usual, the call sign, the reference, the frequency and mode are listed in the messages. The last line is the comment of the reporter, and when the message was sent.

If the own position is known and the spotted reference is a mountain, then in the second row the name of the mountain, the distance and the antenna direction of one's own position as a compass direction and degree indication is displayed.

The spotlist reloads every 60 seconds. It shows only the latest spot for a callsign. Double and obsolete spots are always filtered.

The list can be restricted under Spots filter.

At the first load of the spots,it is not waiting for the determination of its own position, thereby the lines with the distances are displayed only after one minute.

Do not be surprised if sporadically Humps Awards, DLFF, COTA or Lighthouse references appear in the list, which are also sent over GMA.

Rucksack Radio Tool - Send a Spot

Your own spots are sent here.

Enter the frequency in MHz. Only numbers and precisely using one dot: e.g. 7.0321 or 145.500

The reference field is automatically filled when the summit list is activated.

It can happen that a wrong (neighboring) reference is proposed. Reason: GPS is turned off (or has just been turned on) and therefore using only the position determination of the mobile network and the mobile station over which one is registered is closer to another mountain. Solution: Either turn GPS on and wait for an accurate position determination, or turn off the summitlist and change the input field reference manual.

Rucksack Radio Tool - Spot filters and alarm

In addition to the non-disconnectable filters for duplicate spots, one can apply here more filters to the list of spots. You can choose bands, modes, and a filter where spots for frequencies from 144 MHz to be displayed only from a certain radius.

If the settings for the filters were changed, five seconds after the last entry a new Spot list is called.

Rucksack Radio Tool - Accounts

Here the amateur radio programs are appended to which one participates. Accordingly, only the applicable mountains and messages are displayed.

If you want to selfspot, enter your access data here.

If you also want to send SMS spots, a release of the own phone number is required. For SOTA you have to send an email with the phone number you want to register for SMS spots to Andy mm0fmf_sota AT intermoose.com. For GMA you can deposit your phone number yourself on the website in your profile.

A word about data protection here: Username and password are stored in the device, and only sent to SOTAwatch or GMAwatch. I do not know the data, and can not pass it on to third parties. For SMS this app uses only the official SMS gateways. These by members of their respective management teams operated gateways, do not require the disclosure of your personal username and password as readable text.

Rucksack Radio Tool - Download


Here is the latest version of Rucksack Radio Tool Android App available for free. (Version 0.6.3b from 08/19/2016)

August 2016 - If you have problems with Android Version 6 (Marshmallow), please try the RRT version from 08/19/2016.

January 2016 - Important: Due to a change in the SOTA web site, SOTA spots can no longer be sent with old versions. Please update to RRT from 01/13/2016.

Since this app comes not out of the Play Store, in Android 2.3 you have to select in the Settings - Applications the "unknown source" permit. With Android 4.2 it is under Settings - Security, there is the hook to "Unknown sources".

Have fun with the Rucksack Radio Tool
Joerg DL1DLF

In my own behalf. I receive many emails about this app, but can not for lack of time reply to every message. Of course, any email will be noted, and I am grateful for every usage report. However, it is impossible for me to implement all suggestions and wishes. The app works in principle. As things stand, there will be no new features in the near future. If errors will be found, they are naturally resolved only for the current version. Therefore, please always use the latest version.